Q & A with Kiminkco

Why Kiminkco?
I’ve had many nicknames over the years, Kim being the most common. I,ve also been known as…
& Kiminkco
to name just a few! Until I got married Kmaj was my go to online name, after that, kiminkco just seemed to fit.

So who are you really?
Well, I’m Kim(berley).

Is that it!?
ok, no! my main role in life right now, is mum (to 3 boys). I’m also a wife, daughter, sister, aunty & friend. I’m a 32 dreamer, book lover, stationery addict, cute thing hoarder, student, sometimes sad, sometimes random kinda person.

So what do you blog about?
Well, as I’m about to start an English literature and creative writing degree I think I need to expand my reading range, and start writing regularly, so I’ll definitely be sharing the books I read. You’ll also see posts about the toys I collect, stationery I hoard and other bits and bobs that pop into my mind. This is a work in progress, I’m sure as I get writing I’ll settle into a nice little groove.

Do you use social media?
Why yes I do! Instagram and Facebook are my social media platforms of choice, so pop over and say hi!


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